Griffin character concept sketch

I’ve had this particular griffin concept in mind for a while, and thought I’d get him out on paper (digital paper)? where I could look at him.

He’s a foil to my griffin Caligo, who is peregrine falcon/snow leopard. She looks like this:

He, on the other hand, is aplomondo falcon/tiger, and looks like this:

I don’t see a lot of tiger griffins, I guess because classic griffin is lion/bald eagle. But you’d think tiger would be the next logical step.

Anyway, for some reason, because of his particular animal mix, I want to name him Alfonzo. And his personality is already “jerk”, and I know nothing else about him.

I also thought it would be fun to use an aplomondo falcon, because they’re similar to a peregrine, but brighter-colored.

Aren’t they pretty? They were actually used to raise peregrine chicks in captivity, so the chicks would see a parent that was similar to a peregrine.

5 thoughts on “Griffin character concept sketch

  1. Manglin: Wow, you see the masculinity/femininity in them? That is something I struggle and struggle to portray, especially in a genderless avian face. Thanks! I’m encouraged!

    Mechafish: I replied on your blog. 🙂


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