Cheetah-griffin, sample colors

I made some modifications to the sketch, at the request of my commissioner: smaller ears (I went with the sort of tufts that owls have), all four cat feet, and tailfeathers on the tail. The tailfeathers need work, but this is still very rough.

The colors are just to get a feel for how the contrast in this pic is going to work. Light-colored animal, dark background. I think I want the background to be even cooler, more toward blue than green.


New griffin commission

Working on another griffin commission!

This one is cheetah + peregrine falcon, so I imagine it’s very, very built for speed.

I started by pretty much copying a great pic of a pacing cheetah. The cat’s legs are so long! And its body is all stretched out and muscle-bound. Then sticking a falcon’s head and wings on it make for a really interesting griffin. The trouble is, it expanded all the way to the edges of my canvas. I’ll have to resize my canvas. (Ahh, the joys of digital painting!)

Voices in my head

Tonight I’m tired and brain-dead. I sat down to draw, and on a whim, started sketching the characters who talk in my head all of the time.

See, that’s the fun thing about writing a lot. All of your voices have names and faces, and you can occasionally shut them up by letting them out to air in a story.

These aren’t all my characters, of course. These are just the main ones from each story universe. There’s Carda, Caligo, Sonic, Dusk, Charr, Mecha, Charlotte, Indal, and (young) Sera. If I had all the other characters who go with them, this picture would be enormous.

I think I need help.