Morin, first batch of detail

Worked on getting the shading smoothed out, and started the details. Got this far and my brain started gagging, so I decided to call it a night.

Also, see his right arm (on the left)? The one holding the sword? The position of the elbow gave me absolute crap for at least an hour. Maybe that’s why my brain is gagging.

Anyway, he’s starting to look like he’s wearing armor. I’ll get him mostly finished next time I tackle him, and then on to the background!

4 thoughts on “Morin, first batch of detail

  1. I really like the crispness of the painting.

    Also, when I read “brain gag,” I first thought, “that sounds weird,” but then I thought about it a little more and realized it happens to me when I’ve been “creative” for too long.

    I “feel” like I’ve “used” too many “quotation marks.”


  2. One “never” can have too many quotation marks.

    I like! 😀 I approve of the left elbow. 😉

    Also, random factoid that no one really wants to know. Morin is named after Morrin:,+AB&gl=ca&ei=mbbFTLb3DYLDnwew7YiFCg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBUQ8gEwAA

    They had a 0.4% population drop last year. I think that means one person left for a month.


  3. Nother random factoid: If you take that map and swing to the west, you’ll see a large valley: the Red Deer River Valley. At almost that exact area were found some of the last dinosaur fossils in Alberta. If you follow the valley south, you’ll see Drumheller, site of the Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, and even further south and you’ll find Dinosaur Provincial Park, site of some of the best articulated skeletons have been found of T.Rex, Albertosaurus, various dromaeosaurids, hadrosaurs, ceratopsians…most of the skeletons in New York’s Natural History museum come from there. 😀


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