Commission: Morin

Having an attack of the guilts about all these commissions waiting in the wings, waiting to be worked on. So I figured I’d tackle them in reverse order. Here’s this mysterious masked warrior guy named Morin.

He’s supposed to be standing in front of a cave.

Here’s my cave ref:

Closeup of Morin:

My tentative ref for his armor, from Dynasty Warriors:

The main problem I have with this pic is the original sketch was supposed to be looking up at Morin, who s looking down. But my ref of the cave is looking down at the cave, so when I put down-cave behind up-guy, he just looks weird and short. I have to repaint the whole background, but oh well, I did the whole thing in about 20 minutes anyway.

Feedback is welcome, especially on the armor! It was described as “dark clothes under light-colored armor”, which left me at sea as to the colors.

4 thoughts on “Commission: Morin

  1. …heh heh, but I know how it feels when there’s projects in the wings, but still, there’s no rush for these commissions, so please don’t feel guilty ’bout them. 😀

    That looks awesome! Yeah, I’ve been vague with details…as I said, I’m taking advantage of your creativity to help me visualize things! 😀 As far as colors: I like. This dude’s a member of something kinda like a police force gone genocidally wrong, so armor that has a formal look is actually quite appropriate. 😀

    For the cave: great choice of reference photo! That’d be a cave in carbonate terrain, unlike a cave from clastic rocks. And this scene’s set in a carbonate subcrop edge with plenty of karst topography…um…long story short, geologist likes the rocks. XD Heh heh, this setting is based off of a geologic feature in Alberta currently buried ~1.5km below the surface, the Pekisko subcrop edge. Caves, spires, underground rivers, cool stuff.

    And one last point: I’m glad you started with this pic: this is where the story left off at the end of NaNoWriMo last year…


  2. Kelty: It’s a cave in South Africa, and I picked it because the rock looked really interesting, and I figured you’d know all about what it was. I did look at this one:

    But it just looked so weird. I think it’s an old quarry or something.
    Also, I’m glad you liked the colors in his uniform, because I just love the purple and gold. About the weapon, is it all right if he’s holding a katana?


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