Waterfall City vs. Theed, Naboo

Waterfall City, from the Dinotopia books by James Gurney.

Theed on Naboo, from Star Wars Episode 1.

Waterfall City.


They changed it juuuuuust enough so they wouldn’t get the copyright police called on them. But watch Episode 1. Notice how many dinosaur-inspired creatures there are, like Jar Jar Binks obviously being a duckbill dinosaur with snail eyes and stupid floppy ears.


3 thoughts on “Waterfall City vs. Theed, Naboo

  1. Wow that is just amazing I never noticed before. Hey that dinosaur in your last picture is just awesome. We are reading Kon Tiki and in it he talks about floating the logs down that river and the lizards that are 20 feet long and longer just lying in the sun as they float by, It makes ya wonder doesn’t it? That picture of the dinosaur could just be a large monitor lizard when you look at it.


  2. Yep, it could. I think there’s probably lots of little, teeny guys running around in the rainforest at night, because nobody knows about the nocturnal critters out there.

    I was thinking about going on and comparing all kinds of Gurney’s art to Star Wars Ep 1, but I ran out of energy. It’s not just Theed, there’s all kinds of references throughout the movie.


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