Soul thief – sketch

Gah, I didn’t realize this sketch came out so light.

Anyway, I was musing about Mephiles in Sonic 360. He’s like this demon that sort of just takes hedgehog shape for convenience. When the game had just come out, I saw a reviewer remark that Mephiles is obviously a play on Mephistopheles from Faust. You know, the demon that offered to give him what amounted to the whole world in exchange for his soul. (Kind of like the Picture of Dorian Gray, now that I think about it.)

Anyway, Mephiles being based on this, why shouldn’t he also be after people’s souls? Especially Silver’s? I was always intrigued that Silver actually winds up with a moral dilemma in the middle of his story. “Is it right to go back and time and kill someone, even if you’re saving the future by doing it?” It really stymies him.

I like moral dilemmas, and I think it would be even more fun if that was how Mephiles planned to get Silver’s soul. The instant Silver committed his little murder, Mephiles would show up and collect. Or, that would be the plan, anyway.

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