Voices in my head

Tonight I’m tired and brain-dead. I sat down to draw, and on a whim, started sketching the characters who talk in my head all of the time.

See, that’s the fun thing about writing a lot. All of your voices have names and faces, and you can occasionally shut them up by letting them out to air in a story.

These aren’t all my characters, of course. These are just the main ones from each story universe. There’s Carda, Caligo, Sonic, Dusk, Charr, Mecha, Charlotte, Indal, and (young) Sera. If I had all the other characters who go with them, this picture would be enormous.

I think I need help.


2 thoughts on “Voices in my head

  1. Well at least the voices have names. I was watching a interview with J.K Rowling, and she said, that the voices of Harry and everyone are still going on in her head. They have never left. If I had not watched that I might worry about your voices. 🙂
    She said she could still write a book 9,10 and 11 because of all the people still there.
    I guess it is just how writers live. My only talk in blog posts. 🙂


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