Stretching it

Well, payment’s due for, and I can’t ask for any more commissions in clear conscience, what with four more sitting here for me to do. So I’m downloading all of my backups.

I don’t think they’ll shut me off until the end of the month, and we’ll get our next paycheck about a week after that, so hopefully I can negotiate with my host to not delete me until then. Just giving folks a heads up.

Also, a sketch, so this post isn’t a complete waste.

Indal the steadily-more-vicious werewolf menacing Carda, who can only think to throw up a shield.

Ilian some more

Worked on my commission pic some more. This guy’s name is Ilian, by the way.

Anyway, I warmed up his skintones a bit and modeled his hands. Some friends gave me one of those poseable mannequin hands last Christmas, and it helped enormously.

Also blocked in the background furniture and worked on the shot glass a little. I’ll have to work on it quite a lot to make it look like transparent glass with liquor in it.

Spatial cloth

Been listening to Beyond Time and Space by Chuck Missler. He had some interesting Bible passages and corresponded them with various physics theories, about how space is like cloth. It can be shaken, it can be rolled up, it can be stretched, it can wear thin.

So I had to stick it in STC somewhere, of somebody who weaves and works with spatial cloth. Little pieces of space that not only work like invisibility cloaks, but can transport you to different places. I’m still working out their limits and rules, but it’s a fun mental image.

Skull to face

Just finished reading Hexwood aloud to my husband. As Hexwood always does, it made me curious as to what Mordion, the hero, actually looks like.

He’s described as having a face like a skull, with one eyebrow shaped like hawk wings that is always swooping down into a frown.

Anyway, I started with a skull …

Then sketched a face over it, trying to make the skull-ness very pronounced.

He wound up looking like Spock or something. And I couldn’t remember if he has hair or not. I know he periodically grows a beard, but I wanted to draw him when he was still the Servant.

Anyway, drawing over a skull is very liberating, because all the structure is right there. Maybe I’ll start doing this whenever a face gives me trouble. 🙂

Commission: Ilian

Finally did some work on my next commission pic.

Hopefully my commissioner is happier with the way the face is coming. The first version was a little too Middle Eastern, so I made the nose straighter and slimmed down the muscles a bit.

Not sure I like the lights in the background. The light looks heavy, but seeing as this is a bar, maybe there’s a lot of smoke from the other patrons or something. Still debating having other people at the tables. Drawing just tables and chairs is hard enough without adding people sitting in them, but we’ll see.

Balaur bondoc

Okay, I had to draw one of these things.

What is a balaur bondoc? It’s this new type of dromeosaur (same family as a velociraptor) they just found in Romania. You know how velociraptors only had one sickle claw on the hind feet?

This baby had two.

So here’s my interpretive sketch. Since everybody on DA (and I mean EVERYBODY) is drawing really far-out versions of them, usually as semi-feathered dragonish things, I thought I’d go with the lizardy Jurassic Park look.

And since they found nothing of the head, I made my with snubby jaws and big jowls. If the hands weren’t good for grasping, but he killed stuff with his back feet, he probably had really strong jaws for biting.

This was actually fun to draw. I might be coming out of my slump a little.

Really ferocious art block

Sorry there haven’t been any art updates lately. Every night I sit down to draw something, and every night nothing comes out. And I just go to bed early.

The last thing I sketched was this awful thing.

I guess it’s the pressure of five commission pics sitting on me. I know I could probably churn them out real fast if I just sat and worked on them. I just haven’t had the drive to do it. Things in real life have been very difficult lately, and stress absolutely kills my creativity. But things are finally getting better here in the next week or so, so hopefully my block will lighten enough so I can tackle a pic or two.