Power creep: inked and blocking

Here’s a peek at my progress on that pic of the main Sonic characters being awesome.
(On second thought, Tails is awesome now, too. I ought to put him in, except it’d mess up my composition.)

Anyway, it took me two hours to ink the characters, which means tracing over all the sketches with hard black lines.

Then I just flood-fill them with their basic colors. Looks like a coloring book right now, doesn’t it? Just wait until it’s shaded. It’ll have dimension then. But for now, you can see what my Sonic art looks like before I’ve put in the cool shadings and backgrounds. Pretty unremarkable.

2 thoughts on “Power creep: inked and blocking

  1. Yes but power is often its own best weakness – is it not? – which is a great blessing to all of us story builders. Especially those of us who aim to include depth, comedy, satire and philosophy into our approach. *raises hand*

    Knuckles and Shadow have – from what little I know – each already done the ‘lets go and save the world from my own mistake, I thought I was doing the right thing earlier’ type thing in official storylines. Sonic probably has too – they portray him as so carefree sometimes, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he’s mucked up the universe by accident at least once or twice. I wonder if anyone has ever saved their world by accident though… Hrm.

    Thanks for the random inspiration. Please keep taking care!


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