Sonic characters of awesome

Decided to work on this sketch some more.

I decided that if Shadow was going to be awesome, then so would some of my other characters.

Then I realized that these characters have a serious case of power creep. They’re all getting stronger and stronger and more and more wicked awesome.

The trouble is, the character relationships that keep developing keep a damper on all that power. Sure, Knuckles could blow up the planet if he wanted, and Sonic could probably not only punch a hole straight through it, but yank it around the galaxy if he tried. And Shadow is immortal and has a serious chip on his shoulder about it, while Mecha can basically do anything, assuming his cobbled-together body can stand up to it.

But they all have relationships with other characters. Sonic, Knuckles and perhaps Mecha would never use their excessive powers for evil, because it would hurt their loved ones. (What if they thought it was something good that turned out bad? Hmm. Now there’s a fun story in the making.)

But Shadow has nothing left to lose. He sees himself as everyone’s pawn, and he’s out to prove that he is not only no longer a pawn, but a mastermind in his own right. And that makes him the most dangerous of them all.

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