DA’s Muro

Deviantart has this free art program dealy that runs in a browser. It’s called Muro, and it’s about the weirdest thing I’ve ever touched.

It doesn’t seem to work on raster principles (i.e. pixels). Everything the tools produce seem to be vector-based. But you never get any nodes or points to work with.

My first attempt looked like this. I didn’t know that you could click over to Pro without having to pay for it.

Click to enlarge

Kind of crappy, because I couldn’t make the tools stay in the lines. Speaking of lines, see the “grass” in the background? That’s just a tool that sprays lines all over the place as you move your cursor.

My second attempt at using it wasn’t too bad.

Click to enlarge.

I just used the one tool that kind of does these weird geometric lines that follow your cursor movement, and used that to build the forms in my dragon’s face. I also was able to use layers and things this time, which made it somewhat easier to use.

Anyway, Muro is so bizarre that I keep thinking of new things to do in it.


2 thoughts on “DA’s Muro

  1. Just as long as you are having fun, I guess it doesn’t matter does it? They all look kinda neat and it is just moving your cursor around?
    I like the look of the grass in the background.


  2. I like the second one, especially because you can see the weird technical-drawing-ish lines created by the…brushes? I guess?

    You just KNOW that some of those DA freaks are gonna do things with that program that will make your head spin.

    …And by YOUR head, I mean MINE.


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