Spatial cloth

Been listening to Beyond Time and Space by Chuck Missler. He had some interesting Bible passages and corresponded them with various physics theories, about how space is like cloth. It can be shaken, it can be rolled up, it can be stretched, it can wear thin.

So I had to stick it in STC somewhere, of somebody who weaves and works with spatial cloth. Little pieces of space that not only work like invisibility cloaks, but can transport you to different places. I’m still working out their limits and rules, but it’s a fun mental image.


2 thoughts on “Spatial cloth

  1. Cool!! I have read and listen to beyond time and space so much and have reread his theories about Quantum Physics, wormholes and the 10 dimensions, I am thinking I can almost understand it. I like the cloth idea because somewhere I have missed that.


  2. I think it was in the second or third broadcast in the series, where he had all the verses about “the heavens wearing out like a garment” and how the “heavens will be torn” and all kinds of other nifty verses like that.

    Which also presents the puzzle of having someone in the story actually being able to weave spatial cloth on a loom. I’m afraid I’ll be writing a tribute to Spellcoats in no time. 🙂


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