Skull to face

Just finished reading Hexwood aloud to my husband. As Hexwood always does, it made me curious as to what Mordion, the hero, actually looks like.

He’s described as having a face like a skull, with one eyebrow shaped like hawk wings that is always swooping down into a frown.

Anyway, I started with a skull …

Then sketched a face over it, trying to make the skull-ness very pronounced.

He wound up looking like Spock or something. And I couldn’t remember if he has hair or not. I know he periodically grows a beard, but I wanted to draw him when he was still the Servant.

Anyway, drawing over a skull is very liberating, because all the structure is right there. Maybe I’ll start doing this whenever a face gives me trouble. 🙂


One thought on “Skull to face

  1. Cool! I still think about how Mr.Moore wanted you to go work and do faces for skulls that they had in the sheriffs office. I was reading about how they still need people to do that with skulpy.


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