Balaur bondoc

Okay, I had to draw one of these things.

What is a balaur bondoc? It’s this new type of dromeosaur (same family as a velociraptor) they just found in Romania. You know how velociraptors only had one sickle claw on the hind feet?

This baby had two.

So here’s my interpretive sketch. Since everybody on DA (and I mean EVERYBODY) is drawing really far-out versions of them, usually as semi-feathered dragonish things, I thought I’d go with the lizardy Jurassic Park look.

And since they found nothing of the head, I made my with snubby jaws and big jowls. If the hands weren’t good for grasping, but he killed stuff with his back feet, he probably had really strong jaws for biting.

This was actually fun to draw. I might be coming out of my slump a little.


6 thoughts on “Balaur bondoc

  1. Exactly! I hope they find more bits of it on this “floodplain” where they found the first bits. Can’t you just hear the paleontologists screaming in fanboy glee as they uncover that second toe claw? 🙂 🙂


  2. I always wonder when they see wonkiness like this…is it a new species, or a polydactylic variation of an existing species? Look at how often cats display polydactylism…A second skeleton would be nice. 😀


  3. The weird way the toes look, it actually reminds me of the six mutant toes on the feet of silkie chickens. They have all these extra toes and it looks really bizarre. Wouldn’t it be fun to draw this dino with silky feathers like that? 🙂


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