Character sketches

I’ve dreamed up a couple of oddball characters lately, and I thought it might be fun to blog them. Second: to sketch them!

Anyway, writing follows.

The first is Claude Richard Brontson-Smith, vampire of a different color.

Most vampires suck blood, usually human blood (there are the vegetarian sorts out there, but real vampires don’t talk about them). But Claude was bitten by a very rare, strange sort of vampire, the kind that doesn’t suck blood.

Sure, they have the pale skin, the long teeth, the gorgeous looks, the immortality, the lack of soul. But they eat insects. That’s why they have super-speed and super-jump ability, even for vampires. From dusk until dawn, Claude runs and jumps through the woods and fields near his hermit shack, eating pounds and pounds of insects.

He is also an accomplished entomologist, and has a huge collection of insects. He belongs to all the insect-watch websites, and knows what bugs should be in his various areas, and which should not. And he also keeps hives and hives of bees, which he travels with from farm area to farm area. Physically he is tall, but stoop-shouldered, with a long, horse-face and teeth that are inclined to stick forward. Vampirism could not correct his original looks, sadly.

Second character:

Howard Lhaw, paladin.

Another character vaguely set in the Warcraft universe. Jude is a gentle, non-assuming man, and prefers to believe the best of everyone, no matter what he may hear about them. He always bestows the benefit of the doubt.

The reason for this is that Jude is the judge of Stormwind, and also the executioner. If a criminal is found guilty in court, and Jude is forced to pass judgment, he Judges the person with Paladin Holy Light, and slays them on the spot.

He intensely dislikes executing anyone, and he is always afraid that if he judges anyone, except in a court of law, then he will accidentally kill them. So he does his best never to pass any kind of judgment on anyone, no matter how dire the rumors. This means that he has lots and lots of friends.

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