Character sketches

Someone commissioned me for five character pics, and prepaid for the lot of them, so I’ve been worrying about having nothing done on any of them.

So tonight I sat down and sketched them out.

Angry hero of Middle Eastern descent, glaring into a shot glass.

Female character having to chop onions while her “friend” is off having fun. Also, I’ve never tried to draw really curly hair before.

The “friend” the previous girl was resenting.

Twin Italian royalty guys. I get the feeling that they’re bad guys, but I could be wrong. I’m afraid they didn’t turn out very well, but I shall work on it.

Mysterious masked and armored bad guy with a SOWRD. And Asian-Samurai-Ninja-Chinese-Japanese-Korean armor. No idea what it really is.

All that in a couple of hours! I’m proud of myself. I’m only coloring them one at a time, though.

2 thoughts on “Character sketches

  1. Your mom likes them, my mom likes them, tis all good. 😀 Seriously, my mom really likes them. The twins is her fave (she has a rough idea of the story. We took a long road trip and ran out of things to talk about. XD)

    As I said in my e-mail, it’s so surreal to see my characters take visible form..thanks for sharing your talent! And seriously, no rush on these. I was just quick to jump on Paypal is all. 😀


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