New commission sketch

This time I had a bit of fun with the composition.

Click for full size

I started off and just drew a long, skinny spiral. See, it starts from the guy, travels up through the tree, and curls around to the moon in the middle. Kind of oddball, but interesting (to me)! We’ll see how the commissioner likes it.

Somehow, it gives me very strong Hexwood vibes. Like, this is that cabin they build, and this is Moridon brooding about his past.

Except Moridon has a face like a skull. I ought to try to draw him.

Edit on the 12th: And here’s the blocked-in colors!

Click for fullsize

I stuck a blue-to-black circle gradient back there, then painted in some black trees and the tree-cabin. I used the Oil Paints > Wet Brush in Painter, which is probably my favorite brush for doing big smeary chunks of color.

Then I added the light sources and did some early shading on the guy to give him a little definition. I still think he has Mordion vibes.

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