I love stamps and fonts

I have discovered the wonder of stamps and fonts. First, fancy stamps.

I needed some hieroglyphics for the background of my echidna palace pic. I snagged some photos off the Google image search, increased their brightness and contrast to leave only the shapes, and made them into custom Photoshop brushes.


I had problems making them wrap around the pillars, but then found that I had grabbed one set of horizontal glyphs and the rest were vertical. So the vertical ones worked much better. See?

I was working on that Sean Connery pic, and I needed some runes. So I searched for “rune fonts” and found TONS. I grabbed an Anglo-Saxon rune font, typed the word “protection” and slapped it on my pic.

Except some of it got erased on top. Whoops. I promised my commissioner that I’d go back and fix it later.

But yes. Custom brushes, stamps, and fonts. They’re all a wonderful resource to make your art look better than it is. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I love stamps and fonts

  1. This is super cool. Those Egyptian fonts are especially awesome, with the dim blue lighting and general air of mystery about the temple.


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