Elf chick commission

I got a series of commissions for fantasy characters, so I’ll be tackling them one at a time.

First off is for an elf female (woman?) with the following pose description:

“I’d like to see her in a thoughtful pose, in a forested setting, on a rock or a branch and looking out at the viewer like she’s assessing them physically and spiritually. She needs to give the air of someone who has been fighting the good fight all of her life and although she has been broken down and had to be put back together because of it she is at peace with her role in life and has managed to keep a sense of humor and a slight mischievous quality.”

Kind of a tall order for a sketch, but I took a couple of stabs at it.

Eh. Too happy.

Eh. Kind of angsty. And looks more like a dude, for some reason.

Eh. Might be too sexy. I gave it a few more details so she wouldn’t look like a guy in this one.

I’ll send these off and see what my commissioner thinks. I’ll probably redraw something similar to one of these in the end.

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