Crash: step by step

Got another commission from Aura, this time for a fanfic scene based on the Fleetway (European) Sonic comics. In that universe, when Sonic turns Super Sonic, he goes absolutely insane and destroys everything around him.

Anyway, in this scene, Super Sonic has just made the Tornado crash. Everybody survived and is hiding, so when Sonic turns back to normal and wakes up, there’s nothing but wreckage and nobody around. And they don’t dare come out for fear that Sonic will go Super again.

I played Sonic 3 with this in mind, and whaddya know … when Sonic turns Super, he does indeed destroy everything around him. Fleetway was pretty observant when they were writing their universe.

Anyway! Onto the pic.

Rough sketch:

I got no feedback on it, but I was rushing to finish because of internet deadlines, so I went on and worked on it.

I did ink each layer, but I didn’t get a shot of that. Whoops.

Anyway, first the gradient …

I’ve used this particular gradient before. It’s very nice for evening scenes.

Then some background work … Very unrefined because most of it is behind other stuff.

Then the foreground trees and leaves, to establish my darkest tones.

Then the foreground characters, inked, colored, shaded, and darkened, to make them look like they’re hiding. Painter’s Soft Blender tool is wonderful for rushed shading. Scribble it on any way you like, then smooth it all out with the Blender.

Last of all, the background with sad, sad Sonic, who is still on the edge of Super Sonic, hence the glowing ends of his spikes.

I need to do a little more work on it, but the biggest chunks of work are all done.

Next up, I want to do a space picture. With galaxies and planets. I downloaded some really nice stock planets off DA, so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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