Leopard spots

I settled down to put spots all over my critters from the previous picture.

Leopard spots are hard to do, not only because the rosettes have to be uniform and yet randomly shaped, but because the spots go in an s-shape across the leopard’s body.

Look at the spots on his side, there. A very pronounced S-shape. Such a pleasing pattern, and yet so hard to duplicate! The spots also go in rings around his legs, possibly a spiral, but it’s hard to tell from the side.

My art teacher told me once that the S-shape is the most pleasing shape in nature, and it’s everywhere. And if you, as an artist, can capture that s-shape, then your art will please people and sell well. I’ve kept that in mind for years. I think I make things over-curvy, actually.

Also, my leopard sucks. I didn’t spend much time on him. Dinosaurs you can suck on and nobody cares, because nobody has a mental picture of what they really look like to compare them to.

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