More color sketches

It was really hot today, so I sat and sketched out this.

I keep coming back to the African Savannah as The Hot-Colored Place, and it’s such fun to stick dinosaurs in there. I guess because everything in Africa is so far removed from fauna in the US, and also some of the animals are so very large. Dinosaurs just seem to fit in naturally.

The dino there is a utahraptor, because those were pretty big and lying down would at least be the size of a leopard. I’m giving them both spots, which is why they’re hanging out there.

I tried and tried to find out if utahraptor had feathers, but apparently there’s only been one fossil of it discovered, and it was only bits and pieces. The general thinking is that since most of the other dromeosaurs had feathers of some sort, it probably did, too. So I’m giving it a hairdo and a pretty covering, but no feathers on the arms because you couldn’t see them anyway.

Somebody needs to dig up some more utahraptors.

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