Another anime-style commission

Working on another commission I actually took a while ago, but my commissioner just now finally got around to giving me reference of his character. He’s a dude in a mask with a big cloak that covers most of him.

Here’s my concept sketches. Aside from the hair, which I was instructed to make spikier, it was spot-on.

Another sketch. This one looked fine, so I went on to ink it and color it.

First incarnation of this had a white mask, but my commissioner had me change it to a black one. I’m getting a little more confident in my anime-style. The shading is usually in big blocky chunks, so I use a hard brush, usually the Gouache brushes in Painter. (Those are pronounced “g-wash”, or at least that’s how we pronounced it in art class.) I’m not the best anime artist, but I’m still learning. Wait until you see the pic I get to do next.

Anyway, then I dropped a blue-to-black gradient in the background and airbrushed in some star clusters.

As I did this whole thing in about an hour, I felt I owed the commissioner something that required a little more effort. He said, “How about one with my character and this one girl from the Touhou series?”

Resulting sketch:

All the ruffles on the girl … *runs away screaming*


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