Art vs. Illustration

Art vs. illustration is one of those things that artists debate endlessly among themselves. Apparently there is a distinction between the two things.

Such as art painted for aesthetic enjoyment, and art created as a commercial design.

Artists have long looked down on Norman Rockwell, for instance, because he painted his art commercially, for advertisements.

Because, obviously, a painting like this is not art.

Now, I’ve noticed a difference between art and illustration, but for the life of me, I can’t define it in words.

First off, as art examples, look at the art here on Daily Painter Originals. This is a site of art for sale by various artists, and they update every day with new stuff for sale.

Take a good look at the art for sale. A lot of emphasis on form, composition, brushstrokes, and color moods.

Now look at the front page of DeviantArt. (Sometimes there’s naked chicks on there, so viewer discretion is advised.)

Lots of high detailed pics of various characters, or weird landscapes, or whatever other bizarre things have gotten lots of faves that day.

Now, there is a difference here. I can see it. It’s extremely obvious in comparing these two collections of art.

But darned if I can explain it.


2 thoughts on “Art vs. Illustration

  1. Illustrations often contain images of easily recognizable characters, but that’s the only difference other than purpose of which I can think ~_~


  2. Good pondering, I am often wondered that same thing, I mean yeah Picasso was good but I have seen art work say in WOW that is every bit maybe even a bit better than that, so why the distinction. I think it has every thing to do with who is holding the check book.
    I mean, I love Bill Peet, but you are not going to ever consider his illustrations, art.
    Oh, I loved your Carroll’s all year and the babies but silly Google won’t let me leave a comment even after I signed in this morning.
    It doesn’t know me.


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