Griffin art exchange, progress

I looked at my old sketch, and decided it was too stiff and overworked. So I sketched out something a little more appealing to me.

Not so stiff now! The other griffin is mine, and they’re playing catch with some sort of leather ball. Or a magic ball. So I can draw sparkles. I’m not sure yet.

Then I dropped in one of Painter’s excessively gradient gradients.

Then I disturbed its perfection with a big fat oil brush. Wet Brush, I believe.

The colors aren’t ones that I’d normally use, but it’s kind of nice painting a sunset in green and orange instead of blue and pink. Makes my brain work harder.

Then I started roughing in the griffins …

…and had to call it a night, since I’d been working on it two hours straight and I was tired.

More coming soon!

One thought on “Griffin art exchange, progress

  1. Very nice and I do love the colors! I wouldn’t have gone with the colors either but they looks fantastic. I love your drawing, it looks very nice.


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