Griffin art exchange sketch

Over on this griffin club on deviantart, I signed up to join in a griffin art exchange, where folks swap characters over and draw them. I wanted to see somebody draw my griffin Caligo. I wound up with this dude who is osprey/wolf, which has given me more trouble than the usual eagle/cat.

Here’s my reference for the wings and pose:

The trouble is, when I stick on the canine back end, it just looks horribly off balance with no proper tail feathers. Some folks draw their griffins with really elaborate tails, but not this one. Ah well, I’ll keep experimenting.

Also, wings have this really interesting S-shape going on in them. I can’t draw them from memory at all … I always have to get reference.

One thought on “Griffin art exchange sketch

  1. I guess you could just stuff Rocky and make him positionable model.
    That might help when it comes to drawing birds.
    I think it looks neat though.


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