Sonic Final Fantasy logo

I started randomly sketching Sonic characters, and I decided that I wanted to make them into a Final Fantasy logo.

Here’s the official Final Fantasy 11 logo, so you can see the style I was mimicking.

First, the sketch:

Then I inked all the lines …

Then I added another layer and added big chunks of shading, also known as shadow pools. I haven’t done this style in years, and I kept having to do it over until I remembered how it works.

From here, I couldn’t figure out how to make Painter select and shade only the black stuff, so I dumped it over to Photoshop. Lifted all the black to a new layer, locked the transparency, grabbed a big fat airbrush and went to town.

From there, all that was left was to find the Final Fantasy font and make the text look all nice and official-like.

And there you go! A Sonic version of a Final Fantasy logo.

2 thoughts on “Sonic Final Fantasy logo

  1. Were you rushing a little? The shading is a little blocky, but other than that I love how you replicated the logo. Thanks for going to the effort to show us 🙂


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