How to draw lightning effects

I was recently asked how to draw lightning, and I was amazed that I’ve never actually showed how to draw it. I guess that it’s so simple, and I’ve been doing it for so long, that I forgot that some people need to know these things.

On a dark background, draw some zig-zags in white, or some similar very light color.

Now make a new layer, find a nice fat airbrush with the opacity set to 20% or lower, and trace over your lightning with it.

Then copy the layer with the white lines, and stick the new copy on top of the airbrushed layer.

Just to make things nice and bright.

Or you can do this all on one layer, if you’re comfortable enough.

See? Nice and easy! You can make anything glow this way, be it fire, lightsabers, lasers, you name it.


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