Sunflowers in palette knives

Another stab at playing with black and white underpaintings!

Here’s a sunflower with the values outlined in grayscale. This would be a lot more effective in real media, like oils, but it’s fun to practice digitally. My values were a little close together, so I made the highlights brighter on the colored version.

I wanted to keep this loose and blocky, so I used only palette knives. They’re flat and square, and make flat, square strokes. Making oval-shaped petals is kind of a chore, but ah well, this was just an experiment.

I like the way the values came out so distinct and luminous. Doing the grayscale underpainting gives me a better grasp of how the light is going to fall. I might do this a little more often for bigger, completed works.


2 thoughts on “Sunflowers in palette knives

  1. I like that! That is very interesting and unique.
    It could also be the sunflower. Hey you know what? A lady whom I love her art work she is in my blog list, told me she loved my photography??? and that she uses my images in her art work. She says she draws them in her style but that is what she draws from.
    Isn’t that cool. My photography, I died laughing.


    1. Well hey, you have good pictures! I drew that sunflower from your post yesterday, because I loved how it was half lit up. 🙂


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