Time scrying, construction

I wanted to try doing a pic all in black and white, then adding just a few touches of color here and there.

So I drew some fanart for my husband’s story universe.

This is Indal, our resident time mage and werewolf. Using time magic makes him transform, so he’s not much good at being a mage anymore. But he’s been captured by Bad Guys and being forced to look at the timeline of some folks so they can catch them (known as scrying), and Indal’s teetering on the edge of transforming as he works.

Yeah, I put way too much thought into this.

Anyway, after I did the black and white, I splashed some color on there.

A little too much color, it seems. I toned it back a bit. Also, my initial attempt at the scrying map came out too much like lightning, so I redid it. I wanted it to look like a road map.

I tossed some color (red, because red is the color of eeeeevil) onto the werewolf ghost, and called it a night. That’s the fun of painting on black. You suggest a few details and leave the rest to the imagination.

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