Pokemon commission

Working on another commission!

This one features five pokemon and three gym leaders, and it’s supposed to go on the front of the client’s card binder. So I’m going to have just the characters on a white background, so it will print all nicely.

It’s kind of refreshing to do a different style (read: not Sonic). Pokemon’s style looks deceptively easy, especially the ones that are basically spheres with eyes. But have you ever tried to draw Pikachu from memory? Unless you draw him a lot, it’s hard to peg his look exactly.

So I’m going to have some fun with this. All the characters are going to be doing silly things that hopefully still fit their image. Except the Blissy and the Clefable. You just can’t do much with a sphere with a face.


A Rose

The roses around our apartment complex are blooming fit to beat the band. I’ve done some sneaking around with some scissors and helped myself to some of them. It feels like taking flowers from somebody’s front yard, but the apartment tenants don’t care for the bushes … the gardeners do. So picking flowers is technically taking them from public property, right?

*picks a rose and gets chased off by some irate yokel with a shotgun*

Here’s a rough color sketch of a rose. It came from a sort of diseased bush, so the petals were sort of odd and crumpled looking. But it was a wonderful yellow and pink, and smelled divine.

Druids and worgen

I’m all excited about the next World of Warcraft expansion again, since it lets us play as worgen. AKA werewolves.

One of the characters I’ve played for ages is a druid, and Warcraft druids can turn into bears and cats. I was wondering how this was any different from a werewolf curse, and this sketch came about.

The werewolf transformation isn’t even involuntary. About all I can think of that makes them different is that the druid wanted to shapeshift, and the worgen didn’t.

Evening sky

I went outside this evening, and this is how the sky looked. A cool blue at the top, shading to a wonderful apricot where the sun had gone down. I had to try to capture it in digital paint.

The leaves of the trees made such a wonderful texture contrast that I tried to emulate it with some airbrush splatter effects.

Just sketchin’

Sat down to do some sketches. I wanted to do some simplistic floral-type things. I was vaguely thinking of hollyhocks.

The leaves sort of look like hollyhock leaves, but then came the idea to have the plant spurting a small fountain of water out the top, which runs down its leaves into a pool.

Maybe … it’s a picture of SPRING? Or A spring.

I crack myself up.