Shading my radioactive raptor

I started shading my raptor sketch from my last blogpost. It was just too good to leave alone.

First I flood-filled the background purple, then used a dark grayish blue to paint in the shadows. I wanted shadows kind of falling behind his limbs and body, the way they do in water. Because I wanted to.

Then I shaded the raptor himself. He’s a character of mine, a black raptor with white stripes. I wanted his head and forepaws to be the focal point, so I made them the darkest and put the most contrast around them. This kind of perspective I can do.

And then, because I can never resist doing the cool lighting effects first …


I went with lightning, because it’s slightly more uncontrollable and random. And the one spitting out lightning really doesn’t want any backdraft if he can help it.

Also his eyes are on fire. Because that’s awesome.

More shading coming soon! And details and stuff.


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