Fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective

I suck at perspective.

I wanted to put my long-necks on the African savannah, because I haven’t painted the savannah in a long time. I just love the color of it.

I know this pic is super-saturated in the colors, but I liked the perspective of it. And I like to paint in bright colors anyway.

Also, I wanted a really far-out looking African tree for the brachiosaur to be browsing. Google image search is so forgiving.

Look at how bizarre that thing is! It’s like it spawned a bunch of suckers, then re-absorbed them back into the main trunk.

Anyway, I started blocking in the colors.

I’m fairly happy with the background. Notice how the green gets grayer as it goes into the distance, and there’s some grayish bushes/trees back there to give some sense of distance. I might need more animals or something.

My foreground tree and background tree are all right … and ignore my hilariously bad giraffes, I was just trying to get a sense of how their colors would look. But I never know how to paint my dinosaurs. It makes sense that a brachiosaur, being a treetop browser, would have markings to break up its outline against the dappling of trees, the way a giraffe’s pattern works. But it also stands to reason that dinosaurs would have something completely unique, the way giraffes and okapis look completely different.

Also, I think my brachiosaur and big tree should be higher up, i.e. further in the distance. Gah, perspective, you wicked thing, you.

2 thoughts on “Fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective

  1. Hehe, I share your fear and hatred of all things perspective… which is really terrible for me because I like to draw spaceships. |D

    Nice trees, though. It takes me hours to get good-looking ones, and even then I still think that they are horrible.


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