Coloring pokemon

Working on coloring my Pokemon commission picture.

So far the Snorlax (and his sandvich), and the Blissey are colored. That Blissey has given me heck … you just can’t draw the little ruffles in paint like I’ve been trying to do. You really need a pen.

Aside from that, Painter’s Blender brushes continue to serve me well. Look at how smooth the Snorlax looks! The Blissey, not so much.


2 thoughts on “Coloring pokemon

  1. What program are you using for coloring? I was under the impression that when you CS3 computer broke, you were stuck with PS6.

    And have you heard about Pokemon Black and White? Sounds pretty kick-A!


  2. I’m using Corel Painter, which I have on CD and thus can’t lose. Although Photoshop 6 isn’t a bad program, it just lacks my favorite brushes.

    Pokemon Black and White with all new Pokemon, too! It looks spiffy. 🙂


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