Pokemon commission

Working on another commission!

This one features five pokemon and three gym leaders, and it’s supposed to go on the front of the client’s card binder. So I’m going to have just the characters on a white background, so it will print all nicely.

It’s kind of refreshing to do a different style (read: not Sonic). Pokemon’s style looks deceptively easy, especially the ones that are basically spheres with eyes. But have you ever tried to draw Pikachu from memory? Unless you draw him a lot, it’s hard to peg his look exactly.

So I’m going to have some fun with this. All the characters are going to be doing silly things that hopefully still fit their image. Except the Blissy and the Clefable. You just can’t do much with a sphere with a face.


2 thoughts on “Pokemon commission

  1. Well it does look good and I do like sketches anyway. I have never played Pokemon but it looks like what I have seen on your game devise of what every you have been playing. 🙂


  2. Hey I was going to tell you I forgot, lets talk about a babysitting day when I see you again, we need to compare calendars and it is to hard in email, but I was looking at my Google Analitcs page and I have had 386 views from your page alone and also from Net raptor. com too. Isn’t that cool?


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