Druids and worgen

I’m all excited about the next World of Warcraft expansion again, since it lets us play as worgen. AKA werewolves.

One of the characters I’ve played for ages is a druid, and Warcraft druids can turn into bears and cats. I was wondering how this was any different from a werewolf curse, and this sketch came about.

The werewolf transformation isn’t even involuntary. About all I can think of that makes them different is that the druid wanted to shapeshift, and the worgen didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Druids and worgen

  1. Man, that’s a cool idea, the difference between druids and worgen. It’s the kind of thing that makes the neglected writer in my head start to hyperventilate. I could see a whole poorly-written trilogy being written exploring that concept alone.

    Also, hilarious drawing!


  2. I actually have a little worgen-centric story that I’m toying with at the moment, but it doesn’t involve druids. Write yours and we’ll swap over!


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