Shading my radioactive raptor

I started shading my raptor sketch from my last blogpost. It was just too good to leave alone.

First I flood-filled the background purple, then used a dark grayish blue to paint in the shadows. I wanted shadows kind of falling behind his limbs and body, the way they do in water. Because I wanted to.

Then I shaded the raptor himself. He’s a character of mine, a black raptor with white stripes. I wanted his head and forepaws to be the focal point, so I made them the darkest and put the most contrast around them. This kind of perspective I can do.

And then, because I can never resist doing the cool lighting effects first …


I went with lightning, because it’s slightly more uncontrollable and random. And the one spitting out lightning really doesn’t want any backdraft if he can help it.

Also his eyes are on fire. Because that’s awesome.

More shading coming soon! And details and stuff.

Need suggestions

I was sketching what seems to be a promising pic, possibly even concept art.

I got this far and realized that I don’t know what, exactly, is coming out of the raptor’s mouth. Fire? Water? Lightning?

So I need suggestions. What sort of nasty-strong energy should be coming out of his mouth?

Fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective

I suck at perspective.

I wanted to put my long-necks on the African savannah, because I haven’t painted the savannah in a long time. I just love the color of it.

I know this pic is super-saturated in the colors, but I liked the perspective of it. And I like to paint in bright colors anyway.

Also, I wanted a really far-out looking African tree for the brachiosaur to be browsing. Google image search is so forgiving.

Look at how bizarre that thing is! It’s like it spawned a bunch of suckers, then re-absorbed them back into the main trunk.

Anyway, I started blocking in the colors.

I’m fairly happy with the background. Notice how the green gets grayer as it goes into the distance, and there’s some grayish bushes/trees back there to give some sense of distance. I might need more animals or something.

My foreground tree and background tree are all right … and ignore my hilariously bad giraffes, I was just trying to get a sense of how their colors would look. But I never know how to paint my dinosaurs. It makes sense that a brachiosaur, being a treetop browser, would have markings to break up its outline against the dappling of trees, the way a giraffe’s pattern works. But it also stands to reason that dinosaurs would have something completely unique, the way giraffes and okapis look completely different.

Also, I think my brachiosaur and big tree should be higher up, i.e. further in the distance. Gah, perspective, you wicked thing, you.

Long necks

I’ve wanted to do a pic like this for a long time. A couple of giraffes in the foreground, eating stuff from high places … and in the background is a brachiosaurus, the dinosaur giraffe, doing the same thing from an even higher place.

I want to experiment with spatial distance in this pic, the way they do in some of the Magic the Gathering cards. Where a critter is so huge that they have atmospheric perspective going on. And this one, too.

Character sketch

I was making up a new character for a roleplaying game, and I needed a visual to help me figure out what she was like. I had picked the element “grass”, which I suppose is “plants” and such. And I wanted her to have healing powers.

So here’s Anthea, a human who can turn into a unicorn, hence the horn on her headband. I really debated giving her hooves and backwards faun-esque legs, but eh, she’ll have all that once she transforms.

Also, ruffly dress for the win. 🙂

Coloring pokemon

Working on coloring my Pokemon commission picture.

So far the Snorlax (and his sandvich), and the Blissey are colored. That Blissey has given me heck … you just can’t draw the little ruffles in paint like I’ve been trying to do. You really need a pen.

Aside from that, Painter’s Blender brushes continue to serve me well. Look at how smooth the Snorlax looks! The Blissey, not so much.