Stygimoloch head

I went back and worked on my dino pic a bit more. I experimented with the different airbrushes to get a freckly, scaly look.

Some of the brushes work better than others. As you can see by the patterns on his shoulder there on the right, it just looks a little too ‘spraypaint’. More like static and less like the skin of an animal.

I keep looking for an easy way to paint scales without painting every single scale. I have an idea that if I just put in a shadow and a highlight, I can fool the eye into thinking it sees scales. I kind of accomplished this on the little spikes on his head, in the red part and the blue part. If you look at those bumps, they’re mostly just some shadows and a highlight.

6 thoughts on “Stygimoloch head

    1. It does! I think my choice in brush textures looks like foam rubber. But then, that bump does look pretty hilarious all by itself. I’ll try making it look smoother.


  1. Remember that spraypaint tool from Flying Colors in Windows 95? The blue bump looks rather sprayed. However, I still love the rest of the dinosaur.

    Remember how when you’d press Undo in Flying Colors, it would play one of 3 sound effects of a guy saying, “BONG!” or “GOG!” or “ONG!”


    1. Gosh, yes, I remember that. I actually still have the pictures that I painted with the spraypaint brush in Flying Colors. They’re so tiny because my screen resolution has changed so much.

      People keep complaining about the blue bump. I guess I’ll just have to smooth it out. Or do like some of those dumb illustrations and attach a unicorn-horn to it. Although it does look rather hilarious.


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