More dinosaur fun

I refined my stygimoloch sketch last night.

I love making ugly things cute. I think their very ugliness makes them cuter … it stops being “ugly” and becomes “character”.

I was looking for skeletons and skull reference, and ran across this.


Doesn’t it look like a dragon skull? It just needs bigger teeth and a heavier jaw is all!

Also, see the dome on top of the skull? The longer I looked at that silly dome, the more I thought of this.

Helmeted guinea fowl

This is a helmeted guinea fowl. They have one of the more hilarious faces in the poultry world. Anyway, now all I can think of is a dinosaur with a face that color, with the little funky square waddles.

One thought on “More dinosaur fun

  1. I think that is so great, I can see dinosaurs looking just like a guinea. I have always liked your pictures of dinosaurs. If Dad builds me another larger hen house in the back, I am going to see if I could get a guinea house. I would love to have a flock of those so much.


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