Ugly love

I was fishing around for some kind of oddball dinosaur to draw, and remembered the stygimoloch. So hilariously ugly.

Here’s a skull:

It’s related to those head-butting dinosaurs, the pachycephalosaurus. Only uglier. So I fiddled around, trying to figure out how to draw one, and settled for something whimsical.

He’s giving her a flower. “I’m ugly. Love me!”

Nobody draws dinosaurs doing cute things, unless they’re cartoony. Look at wolf art, and tigers, and lions, and any other modern predator you can think of. They’re mostly drawn cuddling with each other, or with their babies, or looking majestic, or awesome, or anything.

How are dinosaur predators drawn? Eating each other.

Do people draw tigers eating each other? Very rarely. Why? Because it’s not nice to look at.

No wonder people don’t really like dinosaurs. When they aren’t drawn eating each other, they’re drawn all weird and surreal-looking. And I’ve noticed that paleo-artists seem to throw all other rules of anatomy out the window when they draw dinosaurs. They draw dinosaurs all flat and pointy. Totally unlike modern reptiles, which are mostly built along the lines of a cylinder, or birds, which are built around the egg-shape.

Oh yeah, I could rant about this for hours.

Anyway, yeah, drawing some dinos. 🙂

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