Scribbly tree

I started scribbling, and this is what came out.

For some reason it looks like hot summer … maybe it’s all the white in the background and the contrast of the shading on the leaves. Leaf … scribbles. Whatever.

I forgot how liberating the scribble-shading technique in pen and ink can be. I think going back to Painter has actually been good for me art-wise, because I’m having to think in real media again. And plus it’s just relaxing to sit and draw whatever comes to mind.

2 thoughts on “Scribbly tree

  1. That is my favorite way to watch you draw, that one I could see hanging on my wall. I love that it reminds me of a lazy day in summer and I I know behind you is a old house with a big porch, and I am sitting there watching. It makes me dream your picture. I really like pictures that make me dream.


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