Always Coca Cola

All right! I’m finally done with this pic. You remember this one:

Anyway, I started in Photoshop like usual, with a gradient.

I went with that particular gradient because I was going for a soft, neutral evening coloring, with the Master Emerald in the back being the light source.

Then I laid in the mountains …

And the shading and brickwork of the pyramid thing and steps.

I’d started working on the characters …

…and got about this far when my computer exploded. Photoshop went away. I was left with Painter, which fortunately was installed on my external hard drive, along with all of my art files, fortunately.

It’s a good thing I have a chronic mistrust of computers.

Anyway, notice how the background mountain is now all smooth and painty looking? I remembered how much I loved Artist’s Oils > Wet Brush.

I finished the shading on the characters and the big emerald back there in Painter. I also remembered how lazy Painter lets me be. Photoshop makes you put brush strokes just where you want them, and if you don’t like it, then you have to either erase it or paint over it.

In Painter, there’s these things called Blenders. It’s like taking your finger and smearing the paint around until it’s all smooth and mixed. I can actually scribble colors on randomly, then blend them and blend them until they’re perfect. When you’re as lazy as I am, this is great.

Anyway, I almost didn’t finish this pic, and it took me a long time to update this blog again after my compy ASPLODED. It kind of took the heart out of me. I’m back to normal now, hopefully. I remembered how much I enjoy Painter.

2 thoughts on “Always Coca Cola

    1. It’s Corel. It’s very different from Photoshop. I’ll show it to you sometime … it’s like real paint. But you need a tablet.


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