… well, crap

Last night my computer exploded.

Well, it didn’t really explode. See, it was my brother’s computer, and I inherited it when he upgraded. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft in the evenings, as a healer.

Anyway, there’s this one boss that’s like something from Cthulhu. He’s an eldritch abomination, and at a few points in the fight, he casts Insanity on the group, and you have to fight all your teammates.

Also, not my screenshot. But just so you get the idea.

We got to the Insanity part, and for some reason the other Damage players couldn’t hack fighting themselves, and they all died. The tank (main guy who the boss beats on) came and saved me, though, and we went after the boss together. I alternated between healing the tank and throwing Damage Over Time spells on the boss, which was about as much mana as I could manage. When I ran out of mana and had drank my one mana potion, I realized I had Shadowfiend, a little beastie that recharges your mana as he beats on something. He gave me almost full mana.

And then the boss went down, and the tank and I had two-manned the boss. It was so awesome.

I logged off WoW and was idly browsing the internet when the computer randomly Blue Screen of Death’d. Specifically, it Stop Errored, with pretty colors across the blue.

Pretty colors across a BSOD are not the greatest omen in the world.

The computer wouldn’t come back on. It died at a different point in trying to boot, one time with a loud pinging sound. We hauled it outside and treated it to a can of compressed air and the vacuum, which still did nothing.

So my husband gave me his old desktop, which isn’t quite as fancy as the other one. And it doesn’t have Photoshop on it. Which gimps my art blog-ness.

I might have to go back to using Painter. Except Painter just doesn’t work the same as Photoshop. Maybe I can find a tutorial on how to create the one airbrush in Painter …?

So yeah. More art coming soon. As long as no computers blow up on me.

3 thoughts on “… well, crap

  1. This sucks. Losing a computer is never good news, especially if you had important files saved to the hard drive (for instance, art projects.)

    In the meantime, I know that you can get free trials most of the adobe stuff, 30-day stuff that would at least give you access to some of the tools you need.


    I think I’ve linked it before, but you might find the Aviary tools useful (and free), though it doesn’t seem like they’re usually used for painting. But it’s something.



  2. Sounds like a hard drive issue to me.
    What I’d suggest is:
    1) Take out your hard drive and put in in a large, sealed, plastic bag, and then put it in the freezer.
    2) Go grab yourself a new hard drive.
    3) Install OS of choice.
    4) By now you should have had your hard drive in the freezer for a few hours, so take it out and plug it into a second IDE or SATA slot in your computer, and boot up, making sure to boot to the new hard drive.
    5) Copy the files off of the old drive onto the new.

    If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest that you return the new hard drive, since it didn’t fix anything, and plug the hard drive into your “new” computer. Trying to find the problem otherwise would just be too hard. Actually, I guess you should probably try that first.

    Hope that works, and nothing got too broken.

    And shouldn’t it be something kinder, like, “…well… darn”?


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