Knuckles and company

I’ve been kind of burned out since I finished the griffins. Kind of REALLY burned out. So I’ve been playing lots and lots of Warcraft. Such a great way to unwind.

Anyway, I also gave Sonic Adventure a shot again, since I was feeling nostalgic. I finished Knuckles’s story (ugh, the voice acting!). I was making lots of fun of it by the end, so when I got that last shot after the credits, of Knuckles sitting in front of the Master Emerald, I had to parody it.

Because Knuckles should really have a Coke. I wanted to find the Coca Cola font and put “Always Coca Cola” across it, too.

Well, a few days passed, and my senses returned. I took another look at the sketch. I did like it, but the ending of Knuckles’s story has always bugged me. He gets so gypped, worse than all the other characters.

So I tossed in some Coke-drinking buddies.

Back before Zephyer was deroboticized and nobody knew where Talon was from.

Further coloring and such coming next post.


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