Commission: Derkholm griffins

My last commission got put in last place because it has seven characters in it.


Five of which are griffins.

With, like, feathers.


These are the kids from the book the Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones.

Click on it and look at the bigger version. From right to left is Colette, Don with Shona on his back, Elda, Lydda with Blade on her back, and Kit in the very back. They’re all brothers and sisters because their dad, Wizard Derk, is kind of a wizard genetic engineer. It’s a companion book to the Tough Guide to Fantasyland, and if you read them together, it’s hilarious.

Anyway, this is my latest project. Here’s hoping I can pull it off.

And here’s the colors all blocked in, coloring-book style.

You can see what colors the griffins are supposed to be now, more or less. I don’t know how to really make the males and females look different, though. There’s not a lot of gender distinction in the eagle/hawk face.


4 thoughts on “Commission: Derkholm griffins

  1. Well I guess you could make the males bulkier, have larger wings, or give one of the genders barbs on thier bird legs. Perhaps the females could have longer but narrower beaks. All in all I like how it`s coming out.


  2. My bad, I forgot something. Genders in birds have color/pattern differnces too. Especially in the Peregrine falcon. Maybe that will help with Colette.


  3. Yeah, but that only works if you have a male and female of the same species side by side for comparison. Having just one bird with markings like that makes it hard to identify if it’s male or female.

    I’ll do my best, but I think in the end folks will just have to guess.


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