Commission for Helico

My next commission was to sort of invent a character for my commissioner. He wanted a sort of 1800s-era English gentleman, which I’ve never attempted, but figure I could take a shot at.

First the sketch:

It worked all right, except for some minor changes, like the elimination of the cane in his right hand.

Then I decided to put in some kind of blurry cityscape background to focus attention on the subject. I poked around and found this …

And painted it into the background with a big fuzzy airbrush.

Then I tackled the portrait itself. All the colors worked except for the purple jacket. It was just too purple. My commissioner agreed, and I changed it to blue.

Blue looks much nicer, doesn’t it? I also made his shoulders a little bit wider. I know the average human is 8 heads tall, but that still just looks like the head is too big to me.

And then … drumroll please … the details!

The gold braid wasn’t as painful to draw as I had been expecting. It helped that the guy isn’t very big and detailed. If it was a bust shot, the details would have killed me.

That is, unless my commissioner wants me to add more details. *whimpers*


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