How Kroft is coming

As you can see, the large blocks of color are coming along nicely, but I’m not finished yet.

And a day later, he’s all done!

For some reason, I just love the gear that he’s sitting on. I had so much fun drawing it, then making it all cracked and weathered, with grass and flowers and stuff growing up through it. Also, purple smoke for the win.

I’m taking the weekend off from commissions. I’m gonna draw something for fun before I tackle my last couple, or I’m gonna burn out something terrible.

3 thoughts on “How Kroft is coming

  1. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sweeping Howling Fjord-style vistas, complete with trees precariously hanging off impossibly awesome (implawesome) cliffs. I also enjoy seeing that gear all cracked and overgrown, rather the way Gnomeregan would decay if the snow melted and nature was left to grow undeterred.

    Also, is that dragon smoking a pipe!?


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