Sweet lighting effects

I just love painting on black or other dark colors. It always comes out so awesome-looking.

This is a commission I got from a girl on deviantart for one of her characters. First, the sketch:

She’s camping out by herself and shooting lightning from her hands. The very concept begs for awesome lighting.

I dropped in a cool-to-warm gradient:

And apparently I also drew the moon on this layer. Crap.

Anyway, I then did the light sources right away, so I’d know what direction to shade the highlights and shadows.

Then I started on the highlights. Booyeah.

It looked so cool at this point that I almost could have called it finished. Ahh, but the shadows beckon.

Much more solid-looking now! Also, camping gear in the foreground, because I was lazy and didn’t want to bother drawing tents and things.

Now for the grand finale: background!

Aside from a bunch of premade-brush-shortcuts, it looks pretty good, don’t you think?

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