Digital watercolor

Well, I’ve begun construction on my third and final giftpic. This one’s for Lutra, whose character is an otter. Which I was amused to find is part of the Latin name for the otter.

Anyway, for a change of scenery, and because all these watercolor blogs I’ve been reading have given me an appetite for it, I loaded up Corel Painter and started messing with the Watercolor brushes.

They look a lot like real watercolor brushes. They look crappier than real watercolor would, because with real watercolor, I could dribble on a bunch of water on those rough places in the sky and make them all soft. I can do that in Painter, but it requires a lot of cheating. And using other brushes besides the Watercolor brushes.

Painter does this neat thing where you paint a few strokes, then the paint actually runs down the canvas a little ways. Makes it feel like you’re using real watercolors. Except your paper doesn’t curl up and create little puddles in the color.

So, anyway, in case you can’t tell, this is the otter character-girl resting on a rock on the edge of a river or a lake. I started shading her, and discovered that when it comes to actually shading a cartoony character, I like my Photoshop brushes better. Fortunately, Photoshop and Painter play well together. But that’s a topic for another night!

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