Toddler face

Oh gosh, this turned out so laughably bad. I CANNOT do likeness, no matter how I try. This was supposed to be my two year old son, but it looks nothing like him. Maybe I should have used a larger photo of him. Or maybe I should have traced the photo. Pfff.

I need to practice humans more. From PHOTOS.


3 thoughts on “Toddler face

  1. it looks okay if it wasn’t Alex. I will never forgive my self for marking you by saying your people look like ants. So sorry.


  2. I like the colors, but he reminds me of Walter Bishop from Fringe. Here’s a picture of him (not a very good one.)

    You might know him as Denathor from LOTR:ROTK.


  3. Ew! I know my face drawing is ugly, but it’s not THAT ugly.

    Hmm. I ought to try drawing Bishop there. He has an interesting face.


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